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Newborn Circumcision:

Dr. Hamilton is a physician who has focused his practice exclusively on managing pregnant patients (antenatal care, postpartum care and delivering babies), palliative care home based patients (caring for patients with a life limiting illness in their home environment), performing newborn circumcisions and tongue releases on infants.
Dr. Hamilton has had years of experience performing newborn circumcisions in the hospital and office settings and usually has early morning appointments available to perform this procedure within his office.
If after reviewing all the information below, you would like to arrange an appointment for this procedure, please:

Download Newborn Circumcision Appointment Form  to your computer, fill out this form with all required information and save it as PDF and then send it as an attachment to and our office will return your email with an appointment date and time. Make sure you have downloaded the ADOBE READER (unless it is already on your computer) prior to saving this document as a PDF. See the Link at the bottom of the home page to download the ADOBE READER if it is not already on your computer.

This email address is used for Newborn Circumcision Appointment Only! All non-circumcision related emails will be deleted without a response. For general inquiries please contact our office number: (519-472-2920)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Do I need to circumcise my son?
Absolutely not, newborn circumcision is a personal decision. If you decide to request Dr. Hamilton to perform this procedure after reviewing all the information within this section, please contact our office by email for an appointment.


What conditions are required for me to book my son for this procedure?
Before contacting the office please ensure that all of the conditions below apply to your son:

  • Your infant son is less than 4 weeks of age and weighs between 2.5 kgs/ 5 and a half pounds and 5.9 kgs/13 pounds and lives in the London or surrounding region.
  • If your son was born prematurely and they are now or will be within 3 weeks of the original due date by the time you are planning on having the circumcision performed.
  • Your son must not have a medical condition which your primary care provider advises you to not have this procedure performed.
  • The price for this procedure in this office is $260.00 cash (if booked online) or $270.00 cash (if booked by phone) which is due prior to the circumcision being performed. Our office is not equipped for debit or credit card payments.  A receipt will be issued once the payment is received.


How soon after birth will Dr. Hamilton perform the procedure?

Dr. Hamilton prefers to perform the newborn circumcision when the infant is less than 2 weeks of age. As long as the infant is less than 1 month of age, Dr. Hamilton will perform the procedure.

If your infant was born prematurely, Dr. Hamilton will do the procedure close to the expected due date of your infant (within 2 weeks).

Dr. Hamilton delivers babies and due to the unpredictable nature of this event, the procedure may occasionally be cancelled on short notice if he is required to go to the hospital. The procedure could then be re-booked for a later date. Please make sure all your correct contact phone numbers are included on the online form.

How much does it cost?
Newborn circumcision is a procedure NOT covered under the OHIP plan. Dr. Hamilton does newborn circumcisions in his office for a fee of $260.00 cash (if booked online) or $270.00 cash (if booked by phone) due prior to the circumcision procedure. The office is not set up for debit or credit cards. Cash or a money order is the method of payment. A receipt will be issued.

There will be a rebooking fee of an additional $50.00 for patients who do not inform the office of a cancellation of a booked appointment. This will only apply to cancellations less than 12 hours before the appointment.

Is there any preparation?
Please do not feed your baby for 1.5 hours prior to the procedure. You will be provided with your own private room so that you will be able to feed your baby after the procedure.

If you are not breast-feeding, please bring a prepared bottle to the appointment so that you will be able to feed your baby following the circumcision.

You and your baby will remain in the office for approximately 30 – 45 minutes after the procedure and the circumcision site will be checked to assure there is no significant bleeding and that it is safe to go home with your baby. Immediately after the procedure, you will be able to feed your infant in a private room.

To decrease the discomfort of the circumcision Dr. Hamilton will administer a local anesthetic prior to the procedure and will offer a glucose solution to your infant during the procedure.

Can I book a Circumcision for my son if we do not live in London or the surrounding area?
No. Dr. Hamilton is only able to offer this service to patients residing in London or the surrounding area.